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Cynthia Jones is a Board Certified World Trichologist. She has also studied with Elan school of Trichology. As a certified Trichologist, she works closely with a team of medical doctors, dermatologist, and with your family physician to assure you get the best hair care possible. She is an expert trained in hair loss and scalp conditions. In addition, she has trained with experts one on one in Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale in hair techniques and many advanced classes at Dudley's University. She is a certified specialist in hair extensions, hair replacement, and custom wig fitting.

She has been a cosmetologist for over 25 years. The hair and scalp expert can help you restore and re-grow your hair. She is a volunteer for Look Good Feel Better Program and a member of the American Cancer Society. Her objective is to help rebuild and restore to create thicker, healthier hair. She listens, takes action, getting straight to the root of the problem and will work hard to find the perfect restoration solution for you.

Cynthia is also a Certified Natural Health Care Professional and can assist you with nutritional needs and proper vitamins. Vibrant hair depend on a balanced diet. The nutrients you eat help fortify the hair follicles from which each strand is born and the scalp that surrounds it.

Healthier follicles? Healthier hair. Healthier scalp? Healthier hair.

She takes pride in educating every client in hair care. Call and set up your consultation today.


Cynthia Renee Jones, W.T.S.


“ I was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata when I was twelve years old. I have been wearing wigs since then. My whole self-esteem has changed for the better. Mrs. Cynthia works her magic net weaving my hair.”  - Stephanie Phillips   Urbana, OH

“ When I first came to Mrs. Cynthia Jones my hair was brittle and had a lot of breakage. My hair was dulle and unhealthy. Mrs. Cynthia started working on my hair and each time I seen improvement. Now my hair is healthy, silky and has a natural shine.”        - Tammy Wicker    Springfield, OH

“ I have been going to Cindy for over eight years. I had a lot of hair loss but now the hair loss has significantly decreased. Now my hair grows at a rapid pace. She has many years experience, her versatility is priceless.”        - Carolyn Middleton    Fairborn, OH

“ I have been with Cynthia now a little over a year and I love my lace wig. Cynthia maintains it and also demonstrates for me how to take care of it in between visits. My wig is beautiful and everyone compliments me on my hair.”        - Debbie Baker    Columbus, OH

“ Cindy is fabulous, she will grow your hair out so fast that you will mistake her for a magician. So whatever your wishes, Cindy will make your hair dreams come true.”        - Roxanne Lawson   Springfield, OH

“I had stress from family illness, accidents and surgery causing my hair to break off to various lengths. I received a consultation from Cindy to analyze my hair problem.  Mrs. Jones gave me a cut and style with fantastic treatments and hair products. I was able to have growth and good hair return within a years time.”        - Andrea High     Springfield, OH

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